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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tell me your thoughts about a 2013 tech conference

Okay readers, I have a question for all of you. Should I prepare and submit a proposal for a talk for the Velocity conference in June 2013?

I'm always happy to share knowledge with a willing audience. I just need to know that an audience exists before investing a lot of time into creating a talk. This is where you come in. If a talk on one of my specialties, delivered live and in person, would be interesting, I need to hear from you.

From looking at their possible topics, I can think of a few possibilities:

- How to make your service reliable (and keep it that way)

- Sunday, 3 AM: What you do when there's an outage

- How might you build a globally distributed database and then use it?

- Turn thousands of computers into a cluster doing meaningful work

- Learn from my re-creations of past troubleshooting sessions

Those are just some ideas, at least.

Thoughts? Talk to me.