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Friday, September 28, 2012

My response to iOS 6

Something which is going around these days is a lot of complaining about Apple's new maps in iOS 6. They apparently just aren't to snuff with what's been there all along. I've already said that maps were a big part of what attracted me to the iPhone back in 2007.

Maps are still pretty important to me. I'm definitely not going to give up good mapping in exchange for whatever it is that iOS 6 added. Facebook integration? Nope. Passbook? Nope. FaceTime over Wifi? Not on my carrier. Photo sharing? Nah.

The "do something with an incoming call without answering" looks mildly amusing, but I don't receive nearly enough calls to where I would want such a thing. Besides, it doesn't do the blocking thing which I truly want.

The Safari and Mail changes look useless, and as for panoramic pictures, well, I've had cameras which can do that since 2000. I haven't used either one for that purpose in years.

So, for now, this is my reaction to iOS 6:

Bring out 6.1 without the obvious regressions and then we'll talk.