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Monday, August 6, 2012

This trail has been upgraded from sketchy to quite nice

I sure do like progress on local public facilities. Back in May, I encountered a dubious detour which (as indicated) wanted to send me through (or over?) a fence and onto highway 237. 237 is no place for bicyclists or pedestrians, and I'm sure actually attempting to follow that sign would have earned a nice ticket or trip to the morgue.

Anyway, at the time, it was possible to just sort of look like you belonged there and scoot through a nearby construction project. It would let you out to the right approximate place on the other side and then you could keep going. Just keep moving and don't act suspicious. It's only a huge power plant thing that's crucial infrastructure and yadda yadda, right? That had to be what they meant by "detour", since there sure wasn't anywhere else to go, at least. Dumb backwards arrows!

In the months since then, they finished the project, and it's looking mighty nice now.

New trail entrance

It's hard to describe just how sketchy this trail was before they reworked it. It was so overgrown that you could probably hide a body back in there... or maybe two or three. I only went through there once, and that was quite enough for me.

Okay, that's enough for this granola update. Back to the tech stuff.