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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forget about reasonable Blogger behavior on iOS

I figured Google's new Blogger brokenness was just limited to empty pages when Javascript is off. Oh, I was wrong, and how wrong I was!

Yet another Blogger failure

This is the absolute newest version of Safari you get for an iPhone without running beta software or an insider connection at Apple. Calling it less than modern makes no sense.

Then again, not supporting "mobile devices" makes no sense, either. Remember the failure which was WAP and WML? It looks like Google is going back to that kind of broken thinking just as quickly as they can.

Remember, this page used to load just fine, and it actually provided content. Now it's ugly and useless.

Who approves this garbage?

After writing this, I decided to rummage around and find the "holiday" phones from years gone by just to see what would happen. Surprisingly, they are equal opportunity mobile device haters. Not even the Android browser is good enough for them.

3 phones, no love

"Dynamic views" is nothing short of a usability disaster.