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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Santa Clara 1962 to 2010: Wells Fargo

Last time, we moved down Monroe a bit towards Washington and a SCU building. Just out of frame in those pictures was a Wells Fargo bank. This time, we cover it.

In this 1962 view, we get to see a bunch of neat old cars parked all around the bank. There's some kind of night depository or similar drop box on the corner nearest the camera, just to the left of a small standalone window. It's not clear exactly what that window was -- perhaps a walk-up teller here in the age before ATMs?

Now in the summer of 2010, things are remarkably similar. There are now trees bordering the streets and the logo has been changed, but it's pretty stable for nearly 50 years of elapsed time. The mystery window is still there and that metal box has grown larger. Of course, this bank now sports ATMs on the far side.

It looks like they added a facade on top of their building's tallest part, perhaps to hide air conditioner boxes or similar. Finally, this intersection now has curb cuts, presumably thanks to ADA.