rachelbythebay: books via PayPal

If Amazon, B&N, or my store won't work for you, this is another way to get an electronic copy of my books. The prices for a book is the same across all sites due to contractual restrictions.

You have a choice of .mobi or .epub format. These are the same files which I uploaded to the Amazon and B&N stores. Please ensure file compatibility with your reader before ordering.

If you don't have a Kindle, Nook, or other device like that, you can use Calibre to read either format right on your computer. It's free!

Your order will be delivered as an attachment in a personal e-mail from me. I will reply to the PayPal notification, so please make sure the e-mail address you use with them works and will accept attachments before ordering. Thanks!

The Stupid Hour (2013)

File format

The Bozo Loop (2012)

File format