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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

This message cannot be pasted into the Signal app

HTML perverts far too many things in the world. Web browsers are used instead of native apps, and it means bloated and laggy experiences.

Then there's the problem you get when something tries to save itself from being exploited and winds up screwing up your attempt to chat.

If you're using the Signal app on a Mac or Linux box, try this:

<!-- this message cannot be pasted into the Signal app -->

This works best if you copy it from here and try to paste it straight in. If you type it in, that much *does* work, but then you will find yourself unable to copy it out of a message bubble to paste back in.

The fact that Signal on the Mac (and elsewhere) is in fact Electron (a web browser) probably has something to do with this.

I guess you could use this to frustrate people who want to copy text out of your chats... for about five seconds, until they take a screenshot, that is!

I ran into this while trying to get some actual work done involving pasting the output of 'ifconfig' to a friend. For reference, it looks like this:

wg0: flags=209<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,NOARP>  mtu 1420

But, when I pasted it, I got just wg0: flags=209 mtu 1420 and that immediately set off my clown alarm.