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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Another successful prediction?

So, this is kind of cool. Sometimes I come up with "evil hat" ideas, like "it would be a real problem if someone did X". Then someone goes and does it.

With that in mind, exhibit one is my post from last year talking about "leaving gifts behind" on dedicated server boxes. Note that I used magpie (my still-current server) as the example, and it is in fact at SoftLayer and has been since 2015.

Now look at exhibit two which also talks about leaving gifts behind... on dedicated server boxes... at SoftLayer.

The best part is that I had nothing to do with it, and found out through a random bit of feedback from a reader. (Thanks, anonymous tipster!)

Sometimes you just need someone who can look at a situation and think of every way it can go wrong. You can think of those people as "negative" or "glass half empty", but I'm afraid that you're also find we're quite necessary as part of a well-rounded team.

Reliability is hard!