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Sunday, January 19, 2014

More lies from Siri

Siri lies. Not too long ago, it completely misparsed one of my requests and turned it into a a cheeky encouragement to upgrade the OS on my phone. It looked like this:

Create out station... update

It's done this with other things. Things which probably wouldn't be more complicated than displaying a HTML table. I have no idea what it thought it was going to do by creating an "out station" (???), but clearly it thinks that a newer iOS will help.

News flash: it won't. I have access to another device running the latest (and I'm stopping short of calling it the "greatest") iOS publicly available. I asked it the same thing on purpose (in fact, doing it at the same time on both devices, so as to get the above screenshot). It said this instead:

Sorry, I can't do that.

Bait and switch, eh? Typical programmers.

User: "I'm having a problem."

Programmer: (without checking anything else) "You should upgrade."

(time passes)

User: "I upgraded. It's still happening."

Programmer: (radio silence... they've already moved on)