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Sunday, November 17, 2013

SVRCS is alive

The county's new radio system is alive. Right now, the only things you'll hear are radio techs calling back and forth with "test... 1-2-3", but it's there. It's running Phase II (TDMA) audio as promised.

In terms of software or the scanner site I've been running, there isn't much to say. While there are efforts afoot to make decoding the control channel a simpler thing, there still isn't anything to be done about audio. Without audio, the rest is pointless, and so here we are.

There have been some changes in the world of scanning. I got a PSR-800 from some random seller on eBay, and it works just fine. It's been letting me hear the radio techs go about their business, since it's the only currently-available radio which actually handles the 2-slot TDMA channels.

It would be a really evil stopgap, but in theory, I could use the PSR-800 to drive the site. There would be no talkgroup information or anything else of the sort but there would be audio at least. It would be subject to all of the usual annoyances, too.

What happens next? Who knows...