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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photographic randomness from my archives

Here's a small assortment of randomness captured with my camera at various points in the past. We'll start with something right here in California. You know this sign wouldn't exist unless someone had given them a reason to post it.

No motorcycle parking

[Click to see it bigger and uncropped.]

That's posted on a bicycle rack.

This next one is from Texas:

Texas trucks

You might think this is an anomaly, but it isn't. This isn't even that unusual in Texas. I saw trucks like this all the time.

Ultra, hyper, super, meta, control, shift?

Ultra Hyper battery

I think this was the stock battery in one of my Tivo remotes. Maybe someone at Panasonic really liked their bucky bits?

One more from Texas. Quick, how long ago was this taken?

Shell why don't you maintain this station

On the one hand, there are signs calling out corporate for having a trashy gas station. On the other, $1.44 for a gallon of gas? OMG!