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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Apple's horrible maps, part 3

Yep, I've found more errors in Apple Maps. Once again, my testing device is running the latest build of iOS.

Looking for a Sprint store? Don't listen to Apple Maps.

Not a Sprint store

There's no Sprint store anywhere near there, but there are a bunch of towers. What do you want to bet it's a cell site?


Looking for the stadium? Prepare to be sent to the chemistry building.

Not a Sprint store

The actual stadium is several blocks away and is across El Camino.


They have data but they ignore it. See the big grey blob on the green field which is in a square?

They moved the library

That grey blob is the actual Mission Library. The building they've labeled is actually a bunch of apartments. They might have books, but I doubt they're going to lend them to you.


New Maple Street doesn't exist any more.

This doesn't even exist

According to historicaerials.com, it's been gone since at least 1998. The fact that SCU built Loyola Hall right there probably has something to do with it.


Want to mail something? Don't follow this map marker.

Not the postal service

That's a nursing home. It might be nice to go there and deliver things to the residents to make them realize that they aren't alone and people care about them, but the USPS it is not.


This one borders on outright negligence and will probably get someone hurt some day:

No hospital here!

Kaiser Permanente had a large facility here once upon a time, as evidenced by the road name: Kaiser Drive. However, it closed. They built a new center a mile or two away at Homestead and Lawrence Expressway. All of the offices and services were relocated, and then this site was shut down.

Over the past few years, that site was bulldozed down to nothing. Now, there are streets going in for a new residential community. If you have someone who's desperately in need of medical assistance, do not trust Apple Maps! They will take you to someone's shiny new condo and NOT a hospital.

So, when did Kaiser close this hospital? Are you ready for this?

August 2007.



Do you like local history? Do you like pretending the past is still with us? Then use Apple Maps.

Historical at best

Apparently there was a Jefferson School here in the 1960s, but it's gone now. If you go to that site now you'll find Extreme Networks, and if you go behind it to Agate, a bunch of gangbangers. Not recommended.


I love when parks are named for people. It's so respectful.


Unless you're Apple Maps, then you misspell their names. Henery? Is that another word for a chicken coop?


As I scrolled back over toward SCU, I got a different stadium icon right on top of the same chemistry building they labeled as Schmidt stadium earlier.

Still not a stadium

It's not a baseball stadium and it's not a soccer stadium, no matter how many times you mislabel it.


Want to make friends with the Santa Clara police?

Red white and blue!

Just follow Railroad northwest past Benton. It'll involve breaking through gates, since that's not a road -- it's the PD back lot! You'll make a nice addition to their temporary holding facility. Think warm thoughts during your cavity search.


Do you like tacos and burritos? Don't trust this map to find them.

Not the Mexican phone company

Taco Bell is across the street. The building they labeled is a hotel.


Are you the sort who makes your own roads? They like people like you in Cupertino.


You might think that's an extension of Pierce, but it's just a parking lot for Denny's. Don't cut through there.


Once you're done meeting the police, go say hi to the fire department.

Dead end

Don't drive at that spot. There's a fire station in the way.


Finally, there's this bit of insanity which took a while to figure out. This should give you some idea as to the "quality" of the data they're using to feed this thing.

Benne School

Benne School? What the heck is Benne School? That's an apartment complex.

I didn't stop there. I dug around and found that there was in fact a Bennett School off Lawrence Station Road back in the day. It's gone now. However, if you search around for "Benne School" on the web, you will find countless web pages which insist that such a thing exists, and even has a set of coordinates.

Clearly, Apple has inhaled all of this crap data and is serving up fresh steaming piles to anyone who has the misfortune of using their stock maps.


Incidentally, I took all of these screen shots this afternoon, and I used the opportunity to look at the problems I had captured previously. It seems that nothing has been fixed.

Things are broken. Very broken. Things are not improving. If you rely on this for any sort of navigation or wayfinding, you are nuts. Only use this if you like going on half-assed adventures into the unknown.

June 18, 2013: This post has an update.