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Thursday, April 18, 2013

More pictures of the real world

Here's another random collection of weird things I have seen over the years. This first one is from a Taco Bell drive through in town:


"Duck if taller than 9 feet!" ... and goose if shorter?

I've made snarky references to biking on a freeway in old posts. This guy went and did it.

Bike on the freeway

Yep, that's a bike on 101 through Mountain View during rush hour. I think I actually saw this happen more than once, too. Nutcase.

Wrong browser

So let's review: I'm on some kind of Android device, in fact on a device given to me by Google, running nothing but Google software, talking to a Google web site, and it says the browser isn't supported? Plus, it has lots of awesome C escape sequence damage.

Ah, you're either a Fraggle... or you're a Doozer.

Finally, there's this, spotted in the Target frozen foods area:

Meat Snacks

The word "meat" in a food context is always amusing to me. Normally you see things labeled as a specific type: chicken, beef, pork, whatever. When they punt and label something as "meat", it always makes me wonder. Did they not want to tell people what it really is? Do they even know?

This isn't quite the same thing, but there is a certain "caveman" element to calling stuff just "meat snacks". It makes me wonder exactly what they had there: it's meat, it's a snack, and it's frozen? I did not know those three things converged.

Meat + snack? Okay, it's jerky or similar.

Meat + frozen? Pepperoni pizza, maybe? Premade meatballs?

Frozen + snack? Popsicle? Ice cream treat?

Now combine them. Meat + frozen + snack? What is that going to be?