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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Attention to detail? Not if you're Apple Maps.

There's a new version of iOS out. I wanted to see if they had cleaned up any of my complaints about the quality of the maps. They haven't. Oh, how they haven't. Look at all of this garbage.

Train station

According to this screen shot, you can find the Santa Clara / Great America ACE/Amtrak train station right there across from SJC. It's not there. It's not even close. It's about two miles north of there, sitting under the Tasman bridge. It's not even on that side of the street or tracks!

Santa Clara Stadium

This puts the new 49ers Stadium at the entrance to the Great America theme park instead of over by the training center where it is in reality. There's also a good-sized stream running through this area, between the theme park and the stadium site, but you'd never know it from this map.

Wrong way

Please don't drive this way on this little connector road at SJC airport. It won't be a pleasant experience. All of the traffic in that spot is headed one direction: up and to the left.

College Park School

I have no idea if there ever was a "College Park School", but there certainly isn't anything of the sort at that spot now. This is part of the former "Coleman Loop" neighborhood which was in that general area. According to my research, they started clearing it back in 1974.

Here's proof that nothing exists on this spot today besides a field:

Nothing there

See, it's a couple of ramps for 880 and a bunch of dirt.

Moving on...


CHERVON? Are they doing manual data entry? Where's the spell checker? And what's with the ALL CAPS? Besides that, both the gas station and Lowe's are completely misplaced.


Togo's is across the street. The parking lot for Wells Fargo is on the indicated spot, and has been since at least 1962.

Fremont, Fremont, Freemont?

You think they'd all be spelled the same way, but no.

Wrong park name

According to the city web site, this was renamed Marsalli Park in 1998. 15 years ago!

Dead spurs

The topmost rail spur by Hitachi was pulled out of the street within the last two years, and it hasn't been a viable crossing any time I can remember. It was just a bunch of bumpy rails in the middle of the street with nothing on either side. The other two haven't been there even longer than that. You can't even see evidence of a crossing with the other two. Who knows how long they've been gone.

Misspellings and bad locations

It's "St. Justin Parish" (or School), not "Justens", and Popeye's is way over on the corner.

Move the library

The library is that big building. It isn't in the street.

Move the eateries

These two are way off. They're shown practically on top of a Taco Bell (which is on the corner) when they are set back from both streets quite a ways. Sumiya Yakitori is somewhere set back in there, too.

I have more... many many more... but that's enough for now.

April 5, 2013: This post has an update.