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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Leaky entities, reduced productivity, and a filesystem

I love finding strange things and then taking a picture or a screenshot to save it for later. Here are some of the items in my collection.

Back when Buzz still existed, it had a little anomaly relating to how it handled certain special characters. I set up a search to maximize the snark value.

Entity encoding, indeed

The whole " thing is where the "s should have been.


I used to distribute the "Testing on the Toilet" weekly to the women's bathrooms because there was a serious shortage of women engineers to do that sort of thing. It meant a weekly trip to every stall in every bathroom on the second floor of my building. I think it was 19 holders in all.

While making these trips, sometimes I'd find other things. At some point, someone decided to put up these vapid "Learning on the Loo" weekly posts alongside TOTT. They sported all sorts of things, basically advising you how to succeed in a Dilbert-esque company. I happened to catch one of these which could be parsed the wrong way.

Learning on the Loo

"Keeping Active at Work = Reduced Stress + Productivity".

To get some idea of the alternate interpretation I had in mind, just imagine if English used parentheses the way programming languages do. You might parse it like this:

"Keeping Active at Work = Reduced ( Stress + Productivity )".

... instead of the probable intent of the author:

"Keeping Active at Work = ( Reduced Stress ) + Productivity".

Reduced productivity? That's some advice.


Finally, it seems I'm always tripping over something strange in one web site or another.

This exists in the filesystem

This exists in the filesystem. Okay yumsugar, I believe you.