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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bozo Loop goes direct

I recently received feedback from someone who was trying to buy a copy of my book from Amazon. Apparently, it was "unavailable in their location". Barnes and Noble did something similar. I contacted Amazon and this was their reply:

Kindles and Kindle content are currently unavailable in Indonesia.

We value our international customers and hope to make Kindle and related content available in more locations in the future.

Thanks for your interest in Amazon KDP.

While this was going on, I decided to work around the problem myself. I'm already set up with PayPal to clear credit cards, so the solution was obvious.

So then, if you want to buy a copy of The Bozo Loop but can't get it through the usual vendors (or don't want to, because you don't like them, which I totally understand), you can now buy it straight from me.

Bozo Loop, direct

I am contractually obligated to keep the price I choose the same everywhere, so it's $7.49 in all three places: Amazon, B&N, and right here.

I have both the .mobi file originally uploaded to Amazon and the .epub file I created for the Nook available. None of them have DRM enabled, just like the downloads you'd get from those online stores.

Orders are fulfilled personally via e-mail attachment.

So, if you're looking to catch up on 2011, or just want to support my writing, please check it out.

If PayPal isn't your thing, well, I've been working on something on that front, too, but it's not quite there yet. Hint, hint.