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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Building another book

It's time for me to start cranking on my second book. It will be a collection of posts from 2012. It should be considerably bigger than the first book since 2011 was a partial year - I only started writing in May after I quit.

I intend to make a few improvements based on what I've heard from my readers, and particularly that one review on Amazon. This time around, there will be more new content besides just my introduction. Instead of just having a section break and jumping straight into those posts, there will be something written just for the book which ties them all together.

I've also started the wheels turning to make both this new book and the original for the Barnes and Noble Nook. I'm also open to other suggestions, so if you have a favorite format or vendor which I have neglected, please let me know.

Random trivia note: did you know The Bozo Loop on Amazon has its DRM disabled? I purposely set it that way when I published it there last year, and it's been like that ever since. I'm not sure exactly what that does, but if it helps people enjoy their purchase on multiple platforms and avoid lock-in, then I'm glad to do it.

Stay tuned!