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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mountain View style

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in Mountain View to run some errands downtown. I parked on a side street and proceeded to walk through one of their free parking structures out to the main street. As I approached the exit, I saw the bottom of a sign for a new restaurant. I hadn't noticed this before, and figured it must have appeared since my last visit.

K*Pop sign, part

I saw that and figured it was an interesting name for a restaurant. My mind flashed to a few months earlier when I helped someone find her way on the VTA trolley because she needed to vote at the Korean consulate.

That lingered for a moment, but then I thought about more recent things. I wondered if everyone from Korea is getting sick of having people go up to them and do the whole "Gangnam Style" dance thing, as if that's the only thing to know about a part of the world. I figured that might get pretty annoying.

I tried to imagine what it would be like if I went somewhere, and people found out I was from the US, and they started talking to me about McDonald's or NASCAR or something like that. Not everyone from a country likes or even knows about the same things!

These thoughts must have zipped by pretty quickly, since a moment later, I had walked far enough along to where the parking garage was no longer blocking the sign, and I had a full view. That's when I saw this thing:

K*pop sign, whole

Yep, there's PSY, doing his dance. The people behind this restaurant have clearly embraced that which I thought would have been super annoying. I was surprised, then amused, and then I thought, "hey, this is material for a post".

This is that post, and now the circle is complete.