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Friday, January 11, 2013

Odd signs in and around Houston

I get so much material from random signs in the world. There are so many alternate interpretations which can provide general amusement. Quite a while back, I was driving around Houston and managed to catch this one:

Free Nintendo and ATM

Playing free Nintendo is one thing, but free ATM? That's pretty awesome. I wonder if it pays out more than just $20s?

Later in that trip, I caught not one but two signs of a topsy-turvy world:

Upside-down sign... ... and another

One of them might just be a mistake. Two of them so close to each other suggests one of the workers on that sign contract was red-green colorblind. Alternatively, they wanted to have some fun with drivers on the beltway.

Don't hang stuff here Finally, there's this little wonder. This is the sort of thing where you just know it's happened so many times that someone had to come up with a special new sign. At the time (many years ago), I had never seen one of these warnings before. Now they seem to be everywhere. I've spotted new instances of these signs in hotels which previously were silent on the topic. Maybe there's some kind of "best practices" magazine which makes property managers worry about crazy guests and sells them these signs to make them feel better.

Have that many people unwittingly set off sprinkler parties in their hotel rooms? Something must have caused this proliferation of warnings.