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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do not taunt fire fighters

You know who you don't want to annoy at 3 AM? A fire fighter who's probably been awakened to go out on a call to yet another false alarm. How can you annoy them? Easy. When they call dispatch asking for a responsible party to come out so the system can be reset, and you're that responsible party, saying that you don't feel like coming out is the wrong answer.

These guys live for picking locks and smashing through walls. They can't leave with an alarm sounding so they'll go to great lengths to get inside to reach the panel. You can either come out and unlock that door, or they'll use their truck full of goodies and open it the hard way.

He's obviously having a bad night, but why make it worse? These guys put up with a lot of crap. If your system starts crying wolf, get your butt down there and deal with the situation.