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Saturday, December 22, 2012

An unreasonable price

Price tag for steak

I like to think I'm a reasonable person, so I try to not make a mess of things when engaging in commerce out in the world. In this case, I am perfectly happy just snagging a picture of this price tag for some meat.

This price tag is probably meant to indicate a "non-club" price of $15.99/lb for this roast and a "club" price of $11.99/lb. However, since they seem to park their decimals on the number slides (instead of having them on their own pieces), the price has slipped over to resemble $1.599/lb.

Any reasonable person would see this was a result of using the wrong "5" and "9" pieces, possibly because they did not have the proper set available. After all, other than gallons of gasoline (with their bizarre 9/10 of a cent prices), where else do you see three digits to the right of a decimal point in a price in this country? Even the stock markets don't do that kind of insanity any more.

Consider this a warning, I guess. If you spot someone making goo-goo eyes at a price which has been twisted up in this way, make sure to avoid them in the checkout line. I have a feeling anyone following them is in for a long ride as they argue with the checker and then the manager over exactly what price they should pay for that steak.

What can I say? These are the things I ponder while waiting in line.