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Monday, December 3, 2012

A stop sign in the weeds, so to speak

Imagine you're a contractor with a sign installation job. Somewhere on your list, it says that you are to install a stop sign at the corner of an intersection from a private shopping center to a public road. This means you get to dig a hole, mix and pour in some concrete, and stick a pole with a sign in there. You do it and go home.

Now, imagine you're a driver, and you're coming out of that shopping center. Are you going to see this stop sign? Check out how far it is from the driveway it's supposedly controlling.

Stop sign off in the weeds

This picture was taken quite some time ago, and things have changed since then. A whole bunch of that green space was shaved off when the freeway was expanded in this area not too long ago, so this particular bit of insanity no longer exists in the wild.