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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Workaround found for when AirPlay won't connect

I have an update to my last post about AirPlay not working consistently under Mountain Lion. In that post, I talk about how it's possible to select an Airport device from the dropdown or chooser box and it just won't "take". No matter how many times you click on it, it will refuse to connect to that device, and of course it gives no diagnostic info.

Tonight's update is that I found a workaround which does not involve disconnecting from my wireless network temporarily, logging out, or rebooting. Nope, this one is just as evil a hack, but it's far less intrusive.

All you have to do is 'sudo killall coreaudiod'. Yep. Give it a whack. Your music will stop playing for a second or two and then it will come back on. Then you should be able to select the Airport device as usual. You'll probably have to then de-select it and re-select it for audio to actually start flowing, but at least you can select it now, right?

It's clear that Apple is horrible at things like fundamental system plumbing. This is a joke.