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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jump straight to a date and time and more

Last weekend, I converted my scanner "webapp" to use Twitter's Bootstrap look and feel. It's turned out to be the right thing to do, since many more people have been able to get around and make it work now.

I've also applied a number of improvements since then. A number of places where it could bog down under load have been redesigned (hint: jQuery's .on is your friend). It also now behaves intelligently when you get too far behind and will slow down its fetches. This way, you don't run your machine out of RAM holding an ever-larger call list.

One new feature is the ability to "jump" to a specific date and time. Let's say you really want to listen to the Thanksgiving traffic when some of the fire fighters brought a hot meal to the dispatchers. Instead of trying to binary-search the call numbers, you can just plug in the date (November 24, 2011) and save yourself the effort! Just press "J" while looking at your timeline.

Maybe you saw a bunch of police cars go flying by while out and about one day. Now you can jump there and catch the action.

My thanks to my beta testers!