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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feedback: carrots, firefoxes, and human perception

Yes, it's feedback time! Please keep sending your notes, questions, corrections, or rants. I use them to fine-tune my writing.

A flock of little birdies told me that the social bonus apparently was put back, and everyone got a cut. That's better than I had expected. What I had been hearing is that it had been dangled (indeed, while I was still there), then re-adjusted, but I hadn't heard the third part (reinstatement).

It might have been more interesting if the middle state had gone ahead. I mean, you can pull that kind of stuff over on your people... once.

Thanks to my pals the birds. I'll put out some nice sunflower seeds and suet blocks the next time you land on my patio.

In other news, it seems that the character I called "fox girl" is actually a red panda, like ... a firefox. I was actually guessing at her species (?) and actually had forgotten all about the bamboo on her costume.

That infamous video will be two years old in August. Too bad nobody else will ever see it.

Regarding lag in user interfaces, I received other notes of confirmation, suggesting this is not an isolated experience. One person suggests it might be a perception of frequency, and when that changes, you pick up on it. Further, if you consider middle C is about 260 Hz, that means those pulses are about 4 ms apart, and since we can pick up on those, maybe it's related.

This comment about mapping of responsiveness to sound inspired last Tuesday's post about listening to processes run, so thanks for that as well.

Thanks again to all who wrote in.