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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Such emotional energy from one little post

It seems today's earlier anti-pattern theater post has struck a chord. It's on HN and it's bouncing around Twitter.

Imagine my surprise when I came back to the computer after several hours offline. It made me get super emotional and start bawling!

No, wait, that's just the image some people seem to have painted of me. They seem to have derived that from the tone I took in that post.

Now for the great reveal: I purposely "went hyperbolic" in that post to get a point across. Look at the title: it's anti-pattern theater -- as in drama? People being deliberate in how they convey things so as to bring out emotion in the viewers?

I even specifically change voices in the post to take the point of view of some other engineer for the entire chunk between the lines.

It seems to have worked, and how! Look at how many people became "too emotional" over this when they were on the pointy end of the stick for once. The HN comments are downright brilliant.

If you doubt my qualifications, go read the rest of my posts. I'll wait.

Meanwhile, for everyone else who knows the score, thanks for being you. You rock.

Also, to those of you who sent comments via the 'contact' link at the bottom, I want you to know I'm reading through them and appreciate every one. You'll get replies just as soon as I dig out from under all of this.