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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I built my own feed reader and would like to share

Last Saturday, I posted an overview of how one might go about writing their own RSS/Atom feed fetcher and parser. It wasn't theoretical. I had actually gone to the trouble of rigging up such a contraption shortly before writing that post.

Since then, things have come a long way. For one thing, there's actually a user interface on top of it, and it does some UI tricks which make me happy. There's no guarantee it will work for anyone else, naturally.

I've populated it with a bunch of feeds from both my own set and those of some friends so it's full of interesting fresh content. Guests are welcome to poke around and see what's new, but only subscribers can actually filter the firehose down to a select set of feeds.

Anyway, this is my answer to Google Reader going away: fred.

It's not fancy and it's not "social". It just lets you read stuff.