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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Okay iOS, forget this network. No, really. Forget it.

Okay, this is strange. I sat down to wait on some food the other night while in range of an "attwifi" network. It's one that I used to use on prior trips to that same restaurant before things like Firesheep scared me back to 3G-only. I saw my phone switch over to a Wi-Fi network, figured it had grabbed it, and went into Settings to make it "forget this network".

What I saw next was disturbing and surprising.

Network settings #1 Network settings #2

Hint: there's supposed to be a big ( Forget this Network ) button at the top. I wound up flipping Auto-Join to "off" as shown here and then later turned the Wi-Fi off and back on to make it drop it and put me back on the 3G.

Could this be a special case just for this network name? If so, why?

Better yet, can someone else exploit this? How about a network which looks like AT&T and then does an untethered jailbreak/overflow in the "walled garden" sign-in page which is loaded automatically? Woo hoo!

The button is right there as expected while on my home network, naturally. This is why I suspect some kind of bizarre special case.

This is iOS 5 on a 3GS for anyone who wants to try to reproduce it.