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Friday, October 21, 2011

Have a 408 area code number? Here comes area code 669.

Anyone in area code 408 who creates signs, cards or any other long-lived representation of phone numbers should start paying attention. After over a decade of rumors, the CPUC approved an overlay of area code 669. There's a whole phase-in program, but the fundamental idea is that you will have to do 1+10 digit dialing 12 months after the decision date.

They decided it yesterday, so the clock is running.

Better start grepping for ATDTs with 7 digit numbers, since they're going to break this time next year. You have a whole year to figure this out. Get to it.

Here's the full decision for anyone who really wants to read the whole thing. You'll hear about it through the usual news channels eventually, but consider this your early warning.