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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Hetch-Hetchy trail in San Jose is a lie

We interrupt our regularly scheduled technical nerdery for a bit of local trivia.

The Hetch-Hetchy Trail in San Jose is a lie. There, I said it.

According to San Jose's map for that trail, it has three sections for a total of just less than a mile. In reality, there is one section, and it goes nowhere useful.

To find this one section, you must prowl around an office park between one of many Cisco buildings and a huge construction site where some company is building a new HQ. There, you will find a very strange set of exercise bars and something approximating a dirt trail.

If you follow it anyway, you wind up staring at a levee wall with no official way to climb it. There aren't even stairs, and forget it if you are on any sort of wheeled contraption.

Hopefully nobody else will go looking for the thing in hopes of finding a better way around.

We now return to our usual technical content, already in progress.