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Monday, October 3, 2011

Atom feed URL and a note about Firefox and feeds

Here's a meta note for anyone who prefers reading a feed to polling my site for updates. There is an Atom feed which is suitable for that purpose.

It's come to my attention that newer versions of Firefox have dropped the usual feed icon from their location bar, so your most obvious indication of a feed provider has vanished. If you've been following their upgrade path, you're probably wondering why so many sites have no feeds. It's not them -- it's your browser.

Inactive icon Active icon You can fix this by manually dragging the feed subscribe widget back to your bar. It is not nearly as obvious now, given that it goes from dark grey on light grey to black on light grey when a feed is present. Marvelous.

In any case, here's the feed for anyone who's been looking:


Finally, this site also has a https flavor for those who would rather not share the contents of their browsing habits with others. Just flip your URL to https and enjoy.