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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Impromptu police humor over the air

Some people might wonder why anyone would bother listening to their local police or fire department dispatches. Part of it is just knowing what's going on in your area. Another part is learning which areas are not exactly the best in terms of crime so you know what to avoid.

There's another part, though: sometimes they have some fun. You have to figure that after a long night of issuing citations and chasing down stolen cars and all of this, that a little variety would bring some levity to the job. That's exactly what happened this morning.

First, a unit calls in asking dispatch ("comm") to switch to channel 2 for animal control. This is the first sign something's a little weird, since the PD dispatch is not animal control.

(alternate link)

Next, they both switch to PD 2, 330 calls again, and dispatch answers: "this is animal control, go ahead", playing along. The rest unfolds perfectly over the next two calls:

(alternate link)

(alternate link)

He's not flat yet, is he?

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