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Monday, August 29, 2011

Another gauge for how cheap a business has become

I've read that you can tell how a company is doing by how they handle the dumb little things which everyone needs from time to time. This is usually given in terms of sanitary supplies in bathrooms and things like that. I think I've found a new gauge.

First aid kit has been moved

This picture is from July 2009. It's in a micro kitchen on the Google campus in a space where many members of the public frequently visit. It's up by University Theater, for anyone who's been in such an event and knows the area.

You can't get beyond this area without a valid badge unless you're willing to engage in a little subterfuge to tailgate someone else. That means there's no way to get to that other location which actually has a kit without an employee around. Even if you do slip through the door, the first microkitchen you will encounter has another one of these signs. You have to keep going, pass over the cafe, and find yet another before you will encounter that kit.

Where is all that money going?